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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Sweet Holiday Memories


Christmas Elves

Hello!  Welcome to Poetry Friday, friends!  Today I’m remembering a childhood Christmas memory.  Each Christmas season as my family brought out the decorations, these jingling elves were always displayed on our fireplace.  They were so much fun to play with, too!  This year, as holiday decor starts to fill the shops, I’ve noticed lots of fun decorative elves and some have reminded me of the jingling guys from my childhood.  When I asked my mom about them, first she recalled that they came with a box of Russell Stover candies and then said that they were long gone.  So, I’m sorry to say that I no longer have the original elves but I did find some new ones while shopping!  I also did a little search online for the originals and was unable to find them.  

Sweet Holiday Memories

Childhood Christmas Elf

Sat upon mantle

Grandma had one, too

When I shook him,

his bell rang out!

Jingle! Jangle!

He is no longer about

as I shopped the other day

I found his likeness!

And now he has 

a friend!

Mom said the elf 

from childhood 

came on a box 

of Russell Stover candies

Now my elf friends 

sit among my books 

reminding me of 

Christmases of childhood 

Sweet holiday memories

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  1. I love reading about other people's special holiday memories. Your elves reminded me of the three wise men candle holders that decorated my home during the Christmas holidays. I have no idea where they originated, but I'm lucky enough to actually have them in my home now.

  2. We have some little elves, too, Amy, not as nicely dressed as yours, but my children played with them & now the grandchildren. As you wrote, they hold "Sweet holiday memories." Having things brought out each year makes the season so special. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for your feel-good poem Amy, we need more of that! And I enjoyed taking a peek at your bookshelf too.

  4. Memories are always lovingly shared by families and your tradition is endearing, Amy. Thanks for the backstory that leads into your poem.

    1. Amy, I meant to tell you that I have the original Elf on the Shelf from the 40s.

  5. I'm glad you were able to find a replacement - and a friend. I have some jingling Santas in my box of treasures, though I haven't got them out yet this year. I love your memory filled tribute.

  6. What a sweet memory. The little things we do every year as children become so important no matter what they are.

  7. Childhood memories and holiday traditions are what sustain and steady us through tough times. Thanks for sharing your elf story. Glad you found some new ones to help you make new memories!

  8. What sweet memories! Glad you found some new ones to keep those memories alive.

  9. I'm glad you found some elves!

  10. Thanks for sharing these lovely memories in prose and poetry! It's funny that those elves came with a box of chocolates. I'm glad you found some that bring back those memories.