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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Fabric Yo-Yo’s

My beautiful mom, Elizabeth, on her wedding day. 

Today’s poem features a favorite decorative item in my house. It’s a Yo-Yo doilie that my mom made for me. I recently became interested in the history of the fabric yo-yo, and began to research them. I read a really interesting history of the yo~yo at Mitzi’s Miscellany. Read about the History of Yo~Yo’s Here.

My mom’s senior picture. 

My mom made this yo-yo doilie for me several years ago. 

Fabric Yo-Yo

Several years ago
Mom made a 
Yo-Yo doilie
for me
It’s lived in many places,
helping to make my house
a home
Lots of fabric circles 
sewn inward
making a puckery,
Yo-Yo doilie!

Vintage 1930-1940’s feed sack yo-yo quilted pillow that I purchased from eBay. 

A book that I purchased and am reading. Yo-yo’s were often made from feed sack fabrics. 

A table runner made from fabric yo-yo’s. Purchased from Etsy. 

Playing with yo-yo’s!

Now it’s time for another Poetry Break!  Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect is today’s Poetry Friday host. Please make sure that you visit to gather more poetry love!


  1. Amy, thanks for a nostalgic trip back into time. I loved looking at the history of the Yo-Yo rounds. Your collection of family poems is growing. Keep them coming.

  2. Beautiful pictures of your mom! Thanks for telling us about yo-yo doilies; they are new to me! I love feedsack fabrics -- my mom made us tote bags using feedsack fabric last Christmas.

  3. I've never heard of or seen fabric yo-yo's - thanks for the introduction. I love how you weave your family history into your poetry and we readers learn something new. Thank you! :)

  4. I never thought there might be a book about them, too. I remember them, Amy, but don't have one. I love your mom's pictures, back in time in my memory, too.

  5. I never knew they were called yo-yo's. You describe them well and in a fun way in your poem, finding so many other possible words for them. The pillow is gorgeous!

  6. I've not heard of fabric yo-yos before. So colourful and I love your nostalgic poetic tribute.

  7. What a fun poem! I've never heard of fabric yo-yos. I love how your mom's gift sparked your interest. Now you have me wondering about things in my life that have helped "to make my house a home."