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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Grandma’s Teacups

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My dad’s mom, Dorothy. 

Grandma drank her coffee
from a teacup each day
shaking hand
cup chatters against saucer

only the ladies 
got to drink 
from her teacup collection -
a girls’ tea party

each daughter and granddaughter
now possess one 
of her cherished teacups
now I drink my coffee
from grandma’s teacup

Grandma’s teacup. 

Today’s Poetry Friday round up is being hosted by Mary Lee at A Year of Reading. Make sure you click on over to visit her blog for some poetry goodness.

Speaking of goodness, check out some of my favorite tea party treasures.

A little board book that my girls had.
We used to have lots of tea parties!

I bought my copy of this while on a European vacation. 

What could be better than a poetry tea party?

And now, two tea party recipes from my “rescued” recipe box (Vintage Recipe Box)

Spiced Tea

Oatmeal Cookies 


  1. What a lovely tribute, and a glorious way of your whole family sharing those special memories.

  2. What a perfectly delightful post from Grandma's teacup to the recipe. I feel like I would be very comfortable in your kitchen.

  3. I love that "each daughter and granddaughter
    now possess one
    of her cherished teacups" - what a beautiful gift for generations. Your poems are brimming with family heirlooms. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Love!! This post really speaks to me. Your grandmother's teacup and saucer set is beautiful (who made it?). Thanks for sharing those books, too.

  5. I have two of my great grandmother's teacups sitting out where I can look at them every day! Love the specific details in your poem -- "cup chatters against saucer."

  6. Oh, so lovely the teacups of your grandmother. How lucky you are. My mother wanted a teacup collection and I bought her a lot over the years. Some day I hope my sister will gift me one. I should ask. But I am a mug person these days. Such great memories. Your poem makes me want to have a tea party with my granddaughter this summer. I hope she is not too young for it!!
    Janet F.

  7. What a lovely gift for all of you! I love the line "cup chatters against saucer." It gives it a small piece of personality.

  8. Like Leigh Anne and Mary Lee, I like the cup chattering against the saucer. It shows a vulnerability, but also a determination and presence. Glad her tea cups are still bringing joy!